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Becoming a sissy stories

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Becoming a sissy stories

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Home for the Holiday Part 1 by PrissyFluff What happens when an early twenties, weak-willed, college sophomore, science major meets a beautiful, strong, stoories college senior woman looking for a wimp to own? Well, he get's sissified, that's what.

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Relationship Status: Never Married
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up to ! This book is a work of fiction. He was much less of etories man, his cock was still rock hard but in my eyes it no longer looked big and powerful, it was smaller weaker, less worthy of my pussy. Later today I am going to go to the store and get some shall we say new toys to fit your new position in the household, those being a butt plug, a strap on, and a chastity device. You will no longer get to play the man of the house, for you are certainly no longer that.

It appears my husband and your friend prefers to wear girl things instead of stepping up and being the man that he should be. Once I did, I enjoyed the premise of ebcoming story and how it was told. His mother was a selfish and cruel woman who had no problem with rejecting her accident son. Good to hear it.

Get back down on your knees He complied with this order quite easily, and then I started becomimg inform him of some other orders as well.

Sissy stories

His mother was a selfish and cru This one pushed my buttons a sisssy and I had to walk away from it to get into the right mindset. Well, if you want to find out the answer to that, you'll have to read the story. His hopes of having a happy family life would have to come from his ability to please the only one that showed him any affection. Then he realized it was his slssy who wearing the panties and stockings and not a second girl that was between my legs.

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So for starters, I am going to call someone to come over and fuck me, since your little panty ass is not worthy to fuck, and while I am doing so stroies can come closer and practice your pussy licking skills. He found this to be very scary, and you could actually see the cold chill run up his spine. Now look up at Mark and tell him that you want him to fuck your wife. As a result, the main character who tells the story is contemplating a change in his life — even after a new step father came into their lives.

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Ok will see you in becmoing little while. Picking up his cell phone I called one of his friends who lived close by. I continued. Please Mark use your big cock and have sex with my wife, make her cum over and over again. I am going to humiliate you in front of your friends, and I am going to abuse you in front of mine, eventually the whole world will find out about whom you really are and you are going to accept that.

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I will do anything you want me to I had him get undressed right there in front of me and sure enough he was wearing pretty pink lacey underwear and black thigh highs. Well, he get's sissified, that's what. I still loved him very much he was a good provider for the household, but things were going to have to change as part of the acceptance of this new bit of information.

Honey I will do anything I stopped him right there and stoires him to make certain that he knew what he was saying, and he repeated it. This short read tells a coming of age story about a young man who grew up with a goal to please his step father and in the process developed some deep rooted feelings for him.

No part of this document or the related beciming may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means electronic, photocopying, or otherwise without the prior written permission of the publisher. Come on in I yelled Mark opened the door and as he entered the room he stopped in his tracks. But, what happens when she takes that sissy home to meet her even stronger mother, and bitchier younger sister?

I made him beg until the tears were streaming down his face, and then he said the magic words that any good dominating wife loves to hear. Home for the Holiday Part 1 by PrissyFluff What happens when an early twenties, weak-willed, college sophomore, science major meets a beautiful, strong, independent college senior woman looking for a wimp to own? Is this ok with you he asked him.

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He stood before me much less the man that I had married, I had thought of him as powerful and strong and masculine, but now I thought of him as something else. Go ahead and touch it, I told him.

Siasy will continue to wear panties and stockings but you can now move them from whatever secret hiding spot you have them in and place them in your appropriate drawers in the bedroom, and you can remove you male attire and throw it out, you will be wearing more feminine things and you will be doing it full time now. Questgend rated it really liked it This one pushed my buttons a bedoming and I had to walk away from it to get into the right mindset.

That story is as old as time. As such I have banned his little girly dick from my pussy, so I was hoping you might be able to help me out and at the same time show him what he just gave up to wear panties and stockings. I knew I had him and there was no place for him to go.

Sissy husband stories

We will work on your cooking skills as time goes by. Mark looked a little apprehensive at first looking at his friend in a very different light. I watched as he scooted on his knees between my open legs, his head ducked underneath my skirt and I felt his tongue touch my clitoris. This almost poetry driven story brings pain, sorrow, anger, humiliation and ecstasy into this story and while I think more depth to the story would have made it better, the flow and implied emotion was enough to keep me interested.

We respect your privacy and we won't share your information Thank you for stopping by i would like to invite you to create a free profile Storiss here at sissy spot once you have ed up you can access i ton of features including a sissy chat forum and connect with many girls and admirers who are looking for you its really easy to up just drop your in the box below siss thats its your ready to create your free profile Thank you!

Since you seem to want to be part of the female side of life then I think it is time you started to take on a larger amount of responsibilities around the house, from now you will be in charge of cleaning the whole house once a week, this includes doing all the laundry and ironing as well.

Becoming daddy’s sissy wife

While we waited for Mark to arrive I made sure he continued to lick my pussy I wanted it nice and wet, I had to admit he was good at licking pussy, and looking down at him in his predicament made me even hotter, I came two times before I heard the doorbell ring. Hey Mark, yes things are ok, how are you? I was wondering if you could swing by the house I need you to do something for me. What the hell is this he said. I watched to see what he would do and as he nodded his head I knew there would be no power struggle that he had succumbed to his new place in this relationship.

He nodded his head accepting my power over him.